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The Pathway to Black Belt

For many students obtaining Black Belt is the penultimate achievement in martial arts training and indeed in many schools there are not many (if any) techniques to learn, although I've been assured by a number of "authorities" variously to a number of allusions of secret mastery etc etc

At the Koryukan achieving your Black Belt is considered mastering the Nyumon syllabus and does rightly deserve one of respect for the hard-work and dedication required to reach this benchmark.

What does that even mean?

Nyumon - refers to the entry level techniques required to master the fundamental principles and techniques of our school. Therefore achieving Black Belt makes you accomplished at the essence of the school teachings and ready to move forward.

What comes next?

At the Koryukan Black Belt students / instructors commence with studying Kata, Jodan-waza (Kansetsu, Nage, Shime and Ne-waza) and Kobudo more extensively.

Presently a number of students are commencing preparations for their Black Belt examination and although the physical regime will be vigorous, the Koryukan also emphasizes intellectual and spiritual development.

What will you be studying?

1. Kata - Shisochin, Niseishi and Passai.

Sensei will demonstrate each kata and you are able to choose one to study, embodying the solo exercise and various two-person application practices.

2. Practical examination of the Tegumi exercises.

3. Submission of an essay as directed by Sensei (various topics).

4. Practice of meditation and development of leadership and personal example in class at all times.

Study / practice at the Koryukan is a comprehensive experience to develop and bring out the best in each student. Sensei will be there through the journey to support, guide and encourage your best. The program to Black Belt commences from Monday 30th October for our prospective students and we are looking forward to see you develop and reach new heights.

Over the coming months we will post a number of informative articles and links to assist with your essays and studies.


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