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A Philosophy of Five Pillars 

Condition the Body, Cultivate the Mind,
Nurture the Spirit

Bun Bu Ryo Do

Our martial arts programs are focused on providing realistic self-defence skills to students through rigorous training to condition the body, studying Budo concepts and bio-mechanics to cultivate the mind, training through adversity by pressure testing techniques and students, and taking time for introspection to nurture the spirit

Our holistic approach ensures well rounded students with sound skills providing confidence and capability. 

Acquiring, Mastering, Going Beyond 

Shu Ha Ri

All learning consists of three phases, the acquisition of skills, mastery of skills and going beyond the lesson. Martial Arts is an ideal vehicle to convey this concept, with students commencing with basic movements (SHU), practiced in high repetition (HA), and functional concepts introduced (RI). 

Study the Old to
Understand the New

On Ko Chi Shin

Our system of Toshu Kempo is based upon old school martial arts of Okinawa, where technique was for the preservation of life. With modern understanding of confrontation and aggression enhanced by tradition and discipline from classical foundations, we offer a dynamic, functional martial arts program. 

Fall down seven times, get up eight

Nana Korobi Yaoki

A strong traditional martial art is based on the spirit of hard work and endurance. This idea may be conveyed to the idea of being tenacious, courageous under pressure and always willing to keep moving forward. Taught in the  martial arts, the concept of Nana Korobi Yaoki can be applied to many aspects of life. 

There is no end to learning

Kyu Do Mu Gen

If there is no end to learning, the greatest investment you can make is in personal enrichment.


“Karate is like boiling water, without constant heat, it eventually returns to its tepid state”


Constantly seeking new meaning and learnings, expanding your current knowledge base, opens your mind to endless possibilities. This teaches us to not set limitations or be bound by limitation.

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