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What is Bun Bu Toshu Kempo? 

Bun Bu Toshu Kempo is a walk back in time to the old school practices and intent of original Okinawan martial arts. Utilising old school practices, modern understanding of biomechanics, Bun Bu Toshu Kempo offers a dynamic functional system of martial arts focused on developing realistic self defence skills via two-person application practices. 

Ancient practices, Budo culture and a strong sense of community is the ethos of the Koryukan. 


Sensei Darren Viemeo
Darren Viemero

Chief Instructor - Shihan

Sensei Darren is an experienced instructor with more than 30 years of martial arts practice and an outstanding pedigree. 

Sensei Tony
Tony Ashkar

Assistant Instructor - Shidoin

Sensei Tony distinguishes himself amongst peers with his strong work ethic and sound technical knowledge.

Group photo during grading
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Our Services

The Koryukan provides classes for students and instructors of all levels in our martial arts system of Toshu Kempo. Although we teach a complete system of "old school" martial arts, the core or Gokui of our system will resonate with any martial arts program focused on delivering functional self-defence skills. Toshu Kempo includes effective Striking drills, Break-falling and Throws, Joint Locks, Choking methods and Grappling. 

Juniors Program - The Koryukan offers classes specific to students  5yrs - 11yrs via our Juniors class. Students are taught effective self-defence skills, community values and sportsmanship. 

Kobudo - training with traditional weapons offers a unique way of preserving ancient practices, enhancing the development of co-ordination and providing situational awareness. All students are invited to practice kobudo from Yellow belt onward and it is mandatory for all Black Belt students. Our Kobudo curriculum includes the use of Bo, Sai, Tuifa, Nunchaku, Kama, Eku, Tanbo and Knife via kata and two-person exercises. 

Seminars - Sensei Darren delivers seminars on Gokui, Kata and more, suitable to any martial arts program, on a regular basis and is available by appointment. 

Instructor Programs - The Koryukan now offers Level 1 (Shidoin) and Level 2 (Renshi) Instructor Programs for black Belt students and instructors looking to further their knowledge of the martial arts. Our programs cover educational theory and teaching methods, technical skills and the principles that support them. As a non-style specific program we are able to provide you the framework for personal and group advancement. 

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 Kempo - Jujutsu - Yoga

Mb: 0438 255 660


135 Hampden Rd 

South Wentworthville NSW 2145

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