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Exciting Times

The Koryukan has moved to the home Dojo as many of you know and training has been well attended and rewarding. After Spring Grading (21st October) we will be adjusting our syllabus to reflect Sensei thoughts on ensuring students are gaining appropriate skills for self defence and development.

Sempai - As we now have a number of Sempai preparing for Yudansha and two students undertaking the Junior Instructor Program there will be plenty of hard training and opportunities to learn new skills in the coming months.

Seminars - Sensei is now teaching seminars on karate fundamentals and kata application via realistic self defence scenarios for other karate clubs interested in our perspective on functional martial arts.

Great training again this week by all students, good to see some faces returning to the mats during our Juniors session on Wednesday. Keep up the good work and strong spirit!

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